High Acres Open House


Waste Management hosts annual informational and educational open houses for its neighbors. The event provides insight on how the landfill facility operates from construction and design to renewable energy production.  Attendees have the opportunity to take a bus tour of the site and to visit informational exhibits by the entities that work in conjunction with the landfill including engineers, contractors, consultants, regulators, vendors and elected officials.

The Open House is perfect for all ages and includes free food and games for the kids! The event is typically held the last Thursday in July and has been hosted for over 10 years, with a regular attendance of over 1,000 neighbors.  Community partners, such as the Fairport Lions Club, Macedon Center Fire Department and many others help make this event a community wide success.

The next WM Open House will be hosted at High Acres on Thursday July 27th, 2017 from 3pm to 7pm.

This year we will be featuring our composting program at the open house. Organic materials- like food and yard trimmings- comprise approximately 40% of the US waste stream and WM is a leader in leveraging new technologies to extract economic and environmental value form these materials. High Acres is one of WM’s 43 composting sites in North America. At High Acres, we compost 12 million pounds of leaves and over 600,000 pounds of food each year, diverting valuable resources from the landfill for upcycling into soil amendments. Increasing soil organic matter with compost builds healthier soil and plants and can also reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Each open house attendee will receive a free bag of High Acres Compost!