Neighborhood Updates

Notification Procedures

Residents wishing to register any questions or comments regarding the operation of the High Acres Landfill may call (24 hours a day) 585-223-6132. During normal business hours a High Acres representative will be available to answer your questions or comments. After business hours, a company representative will record your contact information and notification, which will be sent in an email immediately to High Acres personnel.
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Onsite Construction

We are in the process of removing an access road to repair landfill gas collection wells located underneath the road. This is an ongoing project that we expect to complete over the next several weeks. We anticipate that the improvements we are currently making to our system will be a significant enhancement to our odor mitigation efforts.

Quaker Road Closure

An ongoing construction project in the Town of Macedon has necessitated the temporary closure of a portion of Quaker Road. Waste Management of NY, LLC (WMNY) as the owner of High Acres Landfill and Recycling Center located at 425 Perinton Parkway, is facilitating this project, carried out by a third-party construction contractor, to accommodate operations of the currently permitted landfill. The construction project is simply the relocation of dirt to allow for landfill construction south of Quaker Road. Click the link for the fact sheet and maps below for additional information.

Quaker Road Temporary Closure- Fact Sheet

Construction Project Map

Road Closure Map